Which Facial Treatment is Right for You?

A woman siting on her bed

Turn back the hands of time with facials as a secret weapon in your beauty arsenal. These skin treatments are more advanced than ever before. You might even feel the years lifting off of your skin.

At UniQLaser Center, our team is dedicated to your beauty needs. Get to know the facials available today so that you can pick the right one. Your skin deserves some TLC.

Traditional and Advanced Facials

Explore your beauty options with our top-three facials available today, including:

  • Lightening and tightening
  • Lightening and exfoliating
  • Acne solutions

Tightening facials use the power of vitamin C, peptides, hydroxy acids and stem cells. The vitamin C lightens the skin with its molecular structure. The remaining ingredients in our treatment will tighten up your skin so that fine lines and wrinkles are quickly diminished.

If you're looking to exfoliate your skin, try our illuminating facial. Our proprietary blend of ingredients will whisk away dead, skin cells while supporting your fresh, skin layers with critical nutrients. These facials tend to be the most popular ones today.

Dealing with acne as an adult is frustrating, but there are solutions with our facials. The acne treatment tackles combination skin while reducing irritation with its core ingredients. Those blemishes will be a problem of the past with our services.

Infusion Treatments

Our O2 lift is a facial with oxygen power. These molecules react with the skin to give it new life. We also add in plant-based stem cells, which nourish the skin layers even further.

These infusion treatments take nature to another level. The main ingredients are found naturally in the environment, which is why the body responds with positive results every time. You might feel a slight tingle on your skin as the enzymatic botanicals react with your tissues. Realize that the lift worked as your skin appears rejuvenated after the treatment.

The Facelift Facial

If you're looking for a facelift without the high cost and effort, our Signature 4 Layer facelift is your answer. We use hyaluronic acid during this treatment, which is strong enough to improve your skin without the traditional-facelift side effects.

After this treatment, any redness or irritation will quickly disappear. The skin will feel hydrated with fewer blemishes than before.

These benefits are all thanks to the hyaluronic acid mixed with fruit enzymes and vitamin C. Our services try to stay as natural as possible with advanced ingredients creating beautiful features for every woman.

Our treatment staff is waiting for you. Contact UniQLaser Center today at 781-519-4788 or 617-401-0408. Our Canton and Watertown stores, respectively, will treat you like royalty. Looking and feeling good should be a daily occurrence. Our facials will give you the lift that you need.