How The Winter Weather Affects Your Skin

Women massaging hand

It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter! And it’s not going to get much warmer for another three months. You’re going to quickly notice some not-so-good-looking changes in your skin — like dry, flaky, red skin to name a few.

Instead of wishing every night for the winter to go away, if you take care of your skin properly, you can enjoy the season instead. The first way to help your skin is by knowing exactly what’s affecting it when it’s colder outside than usual.

Low Humidity

During the winter, humidity levels tend to drop. And the drier the air, the more moisture your skin loses out on, leading to dryness and flakiness. This is especially problematic for those who are prone to eczema or other dry skin conditions

If you’re experiencing extra dry skin, swap in an extra rich moisturizer. You can apply this at night if you’re worried it will be too thick for your makeup application during the day. We also suggest buying a facial spray — it really helps moisturize your skin when you’re out in the middle of the day.

Central Heating

Unless we have an “Indian summer,” our radiators turn back on by early October. Heated air inside our homes causes low humidity, which as you already know, leads to water evaporating from our skin.

Buy a humidifier for the winter to help keep moisture in your air. They even have small desk humidifiers, too! You can always opt for a DIY humidifier also — place a few bowls of water near your radiator and voila!

TIP: Don’t forget to clean your humidifier every few days. Bacteria can build up and then end up polluting your air, doing more harm than good.

Hot Baths and Showers

We know how enjoyable it is to warm up with a hot bath or shower after being outside in the cold. The bad news is, hot showers are extremely drying and terrible for your skin, especially during the winter where your skin is already very dry. Try and limit your shower time with only lukewarm water.

We can help you make your skin feel great this winter — contact UniQLaser Center today!