5 Myths About Visual Rejuvenation

woman getting injected with botox treatment

The Truth About Visual Rejuvenation

Visual Rejuvenation is, by far, one of the most minimally invasive cosmetic procedures available. Millions of people, both men and women, have benefited from the positive effects of the injections, which soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Yet, some people are wary of the procedure because they have heard stories that aren’t true. Here are five myths we’re here to debunk:

1. It’s Not Safe

The injections are made of the same toxin that causes botulism. However, it is extremely diluted, and our nurses are trained to use the substance properly. While most people come back for maintenance after the injection wears off, the wrinkles and fine lines are never as deep as it had been previously. Doctors believe it’s because the botulinum toxin “teaches” the muscle beneath the wrinkle to stay somewhat slack.

2. It Will Cause "Frozen Face"

The injection does relax the muscles in the face that lead to wrinkles. However, when administered properly, it does not slacken the muscles that cause expressions. Frozen faces are most often the result of improper technique.

3. The Injections Get Rid of All Facial Wrinkles

Visual Rejuvenation injections are meant for dynamic wrinkles, which are wrinkles that come about when a person moves their face. Unfortunately, the treatment isn't as effective on static wrinkles that surface because of age and damage caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays. The good news is that static wrinkles can be lessened with dermal fillers.

4. The Injections Really Hurt

Admittedly, some people do feel a pinprick with the injections, however, the needles used to administer the injections are very fine. The finer a needle is the less it should hurt. The injection itself lasts only seconds. Clients who are really nervous about needles can have a topical anesthetic placed on the treatment area beforehand.

5. You Can Get Addicted To It

You can't get addicted to the botulinum toxin used for botox injections. It is not an addictive substance. However, some people do have additional treatments done because they enjoy the way it makes them look.

Visual Rejuvenation in Massachusetts

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