Break Up With Your Love Handles With DualSculpting

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Kiss Your Love Handles Goodbye With DualSculpting

When someone or something isn't making you feel like your best self, it's time to say goodbye. This mindset applies to our negative feelings about ourselves as well. If there’s an area of your body that you aren’t happy with, it’s important to know that achieving the results you want is possible.

At UniQ laser Center, our team of specialists is here to support your body goals and offer solutions to make them a reality. Learn how our DualSculpting treatment can help you kiss your love handles goodbye in just a few treatments.

What is DualScupting?

DualSculpting is similar to CoolSculpting but expedites the removal of fat in the affected region. During your treatments, two CoolSculpting machines are used at once — hence the word ‘dual’ in the treatment name. However, this doesn’t mean that “DualSculpting” is twice as strong or twice as effective—it simply means that two areas of the body are being treated simultaneously.

Why Choose DualSculpting?

If you’re considering whether or not this treatment is right for your abdomen, here are some benefits of undergoing DualSculpting:


When treating symmetrical areas such as “love handles,” arms, and thighs, both sides can be treated for the exact same duration of time, giving more natural and balanced results.

Targeting Multiple Areas at Once

Different parts of the body are able to be treated at the same time such as targeting the neck, belly, and love handles. This allows you to contour your body exactly how you want — without invasive surgery.

Shorter Treatment Times

Because multiple areas can be treated simultaneously, treatments that may have taken two hours will now only take one. Results are generally seen about two months after having the treatment done and fat cells may continue to diminish up to six months after the initial appointment.

Non-Surgical Body Contouring in Massachusetts

At UniQ laser Center, our goal is to help our patients look, feel, and be UniQ! To learn more about our body contouring services or schedule an appointment, visit our website, or give us a call at (781) 462-6509.
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