Preventing Maskcne

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How to Avoid Maskcne & Other Skincare Issues

If you’ve found yourself breaking out more frequently over the past two years — it may not just be the stress of the pandemic. It’s likely actually the masks you wear, combined with other skin conditions.

Learn how to keep your skin glowing with and without your mask, and how our team at UniQ laser Center can help.

What is ‘Maskcne’?

Wearing a mask has become part of our daily routine — whether while at work or when you head to the store. Repetitive mask-wearing has been proven to cause skin irritation such as redness, dry skin, irritation, and bumps. These irritations (acne, contact dermatitis, and rosacea) have been grouped together into the umbrella term maskne, explaining how prolonged mask-wearing can affect your complexion.

Common Causes of Irritation

Masks trap humidity between your face mask and your skin because of your breathing. This increases sweating and causes your skin to produce more oils — leading to clogged pores.

Another common cause of irritation is friction — or chafing. Women may experience this same condition on other areas of their bodies; masks rub against your face and cause your skin to become aggravated.

Prevention & Treatment

The best way to avoid damaging your skin is by regularly washing your mask or switching to a new one and washing your face regularly.

Some patients have found relief by spraying their mask with toner, and by increasing their at-home skincare routine. But, sometimes your skin needs a little more TLC than this. In that case, you may benefit from a Hydrafacial or other skincare services to help rejuvenate your skin, remove dead skin cells, and restore balance and radiance.

Give Your Skin New Life at UniQ laser Center

At UniQ laser Center, we believe that each of our patients is naturally UniQ and beautiful, and we aim to preserve that radiance through our skincare treatments and products.

For a full list of our skincare services, visit us online. To book your consultation with our team, contact us today at (781) 462-6509 or fill out our online form!

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