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CoolSculpting Solutions in Canton, MA

Safe, Noninvasive and Effective

If you’ve been trying to get rid of stubborn fat to no avail, CoolSculpting might be the answer for you! This new technique is noninvasive, non-surgical and FDA-approved, using the science of freezing to reduce the number of fat cells in stubborn areas and creating a smoother, thinner look. We are excited to offer the innovative technology of CoolSculpting at our Canton, MA location.

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How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Losing weight and freezing fat are two different sciences. When you lose weight, you are causing your fat cells to shrink. Freezing, through CoolSculpting, gets rid of unwanted fat cells for good. “Fat freezing,” or cryolipolysis is a controlled cooling process wherein the fat cells are frozen, die off and are absorbed into the surrounding cells, causing less fat cell existence over time. CoolSculpting clients can experience a diminished look of fat in the treated areas in as quickly as 2 treatments!

Areas where CoolSculpting can help:

  • Abdomen
  • Sides or love handles
  • Chin
  • Arms
  • Thighs

When healthy diet and exercise are just not enough, and you want to create a smoother, thinner and healthier look without surgery, CoolSculpting can help. Our team is excited to discuss our CoolSculpting treatments with you during your free consultation.

CoolSculpting in Canton, MA

Find your fat-reduction solutions at our Canton, MA UniQLaser Center. You do not have to have invasive surgery with long recovery times. With CoolSculpting, there is no downtime! If you have tried to reduce fat through diet and exercise but it seems to be sticking around, CoolSculpting may be your perfect solution. Our friendly staff is happy to speak with you about the result you are looking for and the treatment plan that can help.

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