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Transform Your Look at UniQLaser Center Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Without Surgery


DualSculpting: Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat Is Now Easier than Ever!

UniQLaser Center is proud to offer DualSculpting for patients who wish to expedite the process of body sculpting. “DualSclupting” is performed with two CoolSculpting machines at once. So, instead of being able to treat “love handles” in about 2 hours as before, now both sides of the love handles can be treated in just one hour, simultaneously. This allows for a decrease in a patient’s healing time, and it allows for a more flexible schedule with fewer appointments

What Are the Benefits of DualSculpting?

Also called fat freezing, DualSculpting works by treating fat pockets of the thighs, abdomen, and back area. People often call these areas “saddle bags” or “love handles.” The excess is frozen and removed, without pain or discomfort, and with minimal downtime. DualSculpting combines 2 CoolSculpting devices to produce the best results possible more quickly.

There are numerous DualSculpting benefits, including:

  • Stubborn fat pockets unresponsive to diet and exercise can be quickly and safely smoothed out by eliminating excess fat.
  • There is minimal downtime, if any: Most patients immediately go back to their normal routines. Some patients even come on their lunch hour for treatment.
  • The procedure is nonsurgical. Because there are no incisions made, DualSculpting leaves no scars and results are immediately visible, although the result will be even more noticeable in the following weeks.
  • DualSculpting is safe and effective. It is recognized and approved by the FDA as a fat-removal procedure.

If you are interested in learning more about the numerous benefits of DualSculpting, contact us at (781) 519-4788. UniQLaser Center offers FREE consultations and we have offices in Watertown and Canton, for your convenience.

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