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Who doesn’t want their skin to look and feel youthful again? With PCA Skin® products carried by UniQ Laser Center in Watertown, you can turn your skincare wishes into a reality!

PCA Skin® is an industry leader when it comes to skincare products and expert knowledge about rejuvenating aged, weary, wrinkled, or damaged skin. Not only is it a favorite brand among countless people across the country, it is also a go-to name for dermatologists conducting scientific skincare studies. Yes, PCA Skin® has been cited in medical textbooks, as its products are so well-engineered and effective that they have been found to perform not just at skin level, but actually at the cellular level. Despite the power of PCA Skin® products, all of the company’s formulas, tinctures, oils, ointments, and more are remarkably gentle on all skin types.

The five main formulas of PCA Skin® products are meant to fight, correct, or reverse:

  1. Acne: Even the people with the best, healthiest skin can wake up to find a pesky breakout of acne has marred their appearance. PCA Skin® products are formulated to be fierce blemish fighters, either targeting a specific spot or treating the whole face.
  2. Aging: Wrinkles, laugh lines, and minor signs of aging can add up fast, making you look much older than you feel. Use PCA Skin® products engineered to fight the tide of time to shrink pores, restore your glow, and more.
  3. Degradation: Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. PCA Skin® products let you take skincare to the next level by using formulas that prevent harm and degradation from occurring in the first place, letting you shine without interruption.
  4. Discoloration: Humanity is beautiful in all skin tones. Be proud of your own and protect it from discoloration by using PCA Skin® products that improve your skin’s hyperpigmentation, which bolsters and emboldens your natural skin tone.
  5. Sensitivity: Is your skin too sensitive to sunlight, makeup, chemicals, and other commonplace irritants? Toughen it up – yet gently so – with the right selection of PCA Skin® products.

What PCA Skin® Product Do You Need?

When it comes to PCA Skin® products, there is no such thing as the burden of choice. There are so many incredible skincare products to choose – from masks to travel kits to products designed specifically for men – and that’s a good thing!

Some of the most popular PCA Skin® products in its impressive line-up include but are not limited to:

Call (781) 519-4788 to speak with a Watertown MedSpa specialist from UniQ Laser Center. We would be happy to tell you all about the PCA Skin® products we proudly carry, and what selection would best benefit you and your skin.

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